First, two primitive animals (opossum and you can platypus) and something bird (chicken) is obviously different from other animals

I put a system to exhibit this new rates away from shared family genes one of punctual-changing and sluggish-developing family genes anywhere between pairs out-of animals (Contour 3). 2nd, primates are also closely clustered together. Third, mouse serves as an excellent hub one hyperlinks cow, horse, guinea-pig, rodent, and you may opossum. 5th, some connectivity ple, fast-developing family genes shared by the puppy, horse, and macaque in addition to sluggish-evolving genetics shared by the cow, macaque, orangutan, and you can chimp.

A system regarding fast-changing and you will slow-growing genetics certainly 12 mammalian variety. For two provided variety, i calculated new mutual number of prompt-growing or sluggish-growing genes and you will after that separated him or her in accordance with the total shared level of genes so you can normalize the brand new correlation coefficients. We connected brand new species according to research by the biggest a couple correlation coefficients for each few. Red-colored and you may green contours represent fast-developing and you can sluggish-developing family genes, respectively, together with red traces certainly are the amount of both.

We after that investigated brand new private features out of punctual-growing and sluggish-developing family genes inside about three mammalian lineages: primates (chimp, orangutan, and macaque), high mammals (horse, puppy, and you will cow), and you will rats (guinea pig, mouse, and you will rat; Desk dos, 3, and 4). Even when primates are also high animals, i experienced these to getting yet another group so you’re able to after that stratify our pond. Basic, i discover specific features that were novel with the three mammalian subgroups for the fast-growing genes: sensory-associated (chemosensory impact, olfaction and you may neurological perception) and malignant tumors relevant (oncogenesis) inside the primates (Desk 2), protected relevant (interleukin receptor) during the rats (Table 4), and you will reproduction associated (fertilization) and steroid hormonal related (steroid hormone metabolic process; Desk 3) inside the large animals.