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>How’s it going? I know this is a long sample, but what are of every school otherwise >lay you to teaches one how-to chat Sumerian? Thanks for some time.

>I’ve a concern: is Sumerian related with brand new Ural Altaic dialects, >or towards the Indo european languages? > >Does not truth be told there can be found one family ranging from Sumerian and the semitic >code relatives?

>During my as an alternative cursory study of the unbelievable >work, I came across numerous terms and conditions and this can be construed >once the monetary units from size; gur, a good device from frequency approximately >comparable to 26 bushels, kug or ku, gold or money, and you will gin otherwise >gig, a tiny axe direct put just like the money roughly equivalent to a good shekel. >Did this new Sumerians enjoys a common product from financial exchange > 2400 to 2300 BC and, in that case, the thing that was it?

Our very own papers is more preferable to your Ur III several months carrying out 2100 BC compared to the existing Sumerian Ur II, Girsu/Lagash/Adab months you explore. Regarding Ur III months we have tablets out of different locations and times that provide the new silver competitors of various amounts of more commodities. Towards the months that you explore, I understand that there was indeed standard loads and you can tips, even though they was slightly distinct from the brand new later several months.

There appears to be specific limited family members between Sumerian and you can one another Ural-Altaic and you can Indo-European

>i’m a recent student from inside the 9th amounts. i’m starting a detailed search report. >and that i is actually questioning in the event that u know whom the greatest ruler was of one’s sumerians.