Tohru loves their parent dearly, and he is the one who she lived with immediately following Kyoko died

Tohru later admits the reasoning she is so desperately chasing shortly after Kyo try just like the she already liked him definitely

She is computed to expend all the girl need by herself very she would not need to troubles the lady parent. Within one-point immediately following Kyoko’s passing, the guy constantly first started getting in touch with Tohru “Kyoko-san” since the a reminder you to Kyoko had truly existed. However, Tohru noticed that he was claiming they to possess his or her own benefit as much as her very own, but still will not make a large fuss about any of it. Whenever Tohru briefly efficiency home immediately after living with the latest Sohmas for a while, the guy defends her off their most other cooler-hearted household members and you will prompts the woman going where this woman is happy, and this Tohru appreciates. When their grandfather challenges his back, Tohru is really concerned and you can watches more than him directly, that will be disappointed and you can scared when he defines the lady inactive moms and dads and you will expresses their want to be with these people again.

Kyo Sohma

Tohru earliest fits Kyo whenever she discovers the brand new Sohma Curse. This woman is thrilled to know that he’s the latest Cat of one’s Zodiac, especially given that she likes the new Cat total others dogs in the zodiac legend. Due to this fact, Tohru tries to pursue a relationship with him to start with which will be unfortunate when he retaliates so you can her jobs.